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Bush Picks a Running Mate - Presidential candidate George W. Bush has picked a running mate for VP . . . at a baseball game?! What's going on? Something stinks! I think it's poor judgment, but see for yourself whether he picked a winner.

REQUIRES QuickTime 4.0!

3.8 MB
Bill Gates on South Park - Everyone's favorite scene from South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut, in which Microsoft mogul, Bill Gates, finally gets his. Definitely the best scene in the movie!

REQUIRES QuickTime 4.0!

1.7 MB
Theater Sound Systems - This is a collection of the popular sound system trailers shown before movies in theaters equipped with the appropriate system.  
Nine Inch Nails
I'm Afraid of Americans - Trent collaborates with David Bowie to remix this song. It's an OK video for an OK song, although it gets better at the end. Yes, that's Trent singing backup vocals.

Video from Jason Patterson's defunct

20.5 MB
The Perfect Drug - Nine Inch Nails' genius has spawned this, Trent's song off of the soundtrack to the noir horror film, Lost Highway. 18.4 MB
Video Games!
Mortal Kombat 4 - Here is a small teaser of the arcade 3-D fighting game, Mortal Kombat 4!

Visit the Official Mortal Kombat website!

1.4 MB
Twisted Metal 2 - In the fall of 1996, a little game came out on the Sony Playstation called Twisted Metal 2. It subsequently sucked away more hours of study time at college than I'd care to admit. This small page is my way of giving back to a game that gave so much to me.  
The Cartoons of Yesteryear and Today
ThunderCats - Thunder, thunder, thunder, thundercats, ho!!! 6.4 MB
He-Man - The Most Powerful Man in the Universe! 4.9 MB
SilverHawks - Wings of silver, nerves of steel! 5.3 MB
Voltron - Form feet and legs! Form arms and body! And I'll form the head! 3.3 MB
Assorted Cartoons - Here are a whole bunch of cartoon openings and clips that I've digitized, but just haven't had time to do write-ups for. I'm giving you a directory listing here so you can browse through and download them. They include clips from G.I. Joe, Transformers, Inspector Gadget, X-Men, Ghostbusters and other 80's favorites. Enjoy!  
The Ambiguously Gay Duo - Saturday Night Live has a hit with their new animated recurring show, The Ambiguously Gay Duo. Originally debuting on the now-defunct Dana Carvey Show, it features two superheroes, Ace and Gary, who may or may not be gay.  
Apple Evangelism
Think Different - The first commercial in Apple's highly successful Think Different ad campaign, created by new/old ad agency tbwa/chiat/day. Is it any good, you ask? Sure! It's classic. 5.0 MB
Lemmings - The infamous 1985 Apple Super Bowl commercial that was a follow-up to the excellent 1984. Is it really that bad? Judge for yourself. 6.1 MB
The power to be your best. - Here is the original Apple commercial challenging you to release your power to imagine. 4.2 MB
The power to save the world. - Apple's tie-in commercial with blockbuster Independence Day, showing how you too have the power to infect alien computer systems with a Macintosh virus from your Powerbook. 2.6 MB
Her Majesty's Secret Serpent - Made by the Apple Advanced Technology Group (R.I.P.) in 1989, this animation uses autonomous behavior to drive a mass-spring physical system combined with directional friction. Follow the adventures of a secret agent snake!

REQUIRES QuickTime 4.0!

4.5 MB
Splash Dance - This movie, also made by the ATG in 1990, showcases an amazing, efficient, stable fluid dynamics model based on a finite difference height-field formulation.

REQUIRES QuickTime 4.0!

6.0 MB
Exploding Mac - Some PC losers got an old Mac Plus and blew it up. I'm sure the poor video quality is because they digitized it with a PC. 2.8 MB
Beta Testers - This is an easter egg that could be found on Connectix's web server during the spring of 1996 (ah, QuickCam). Those poor testers! Very funny! 480 K
Apple Parodies
Think Different (parody) - A parody of Apple's Think Different ad campaign. This is pretty funny, although some of it might be considered . . . bad taste? 6.0 MB
SNL "commercial" - The Power to Crush the Other Kids!
McIntosh Jr. gives kids the power to make the public library an embarrassing place.

REQUIRES QuickTime 4.0!

3.0 MB
SNL "commercial" - McIntosh Post-It Notes.
First, McIntosh brought you the Powerbook. Then came the Newton MessagePad (we hardly knew ye). Now, experience McIntosh Post-It Notes!

REQUIRES QuickTime 4.0!

2.8 MB

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